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  • Who should you sponsor? Someone who…
    • You genuinely like and see potential in
    • Has a career you could meaningfully influence
  • Should I sponsor someone inside or outside of my organization?
    • Either one (or both) works! There are many ways to create opportunities for women outside of your company (e.g. by making introductions and advocating to your network)
  • What if I don’t have social media?
    • No problem – you can still spread the word by sending your photo to
    • You can also ask your company to post on your behalf
Tips & best practices
  • Look broadly through your network, not just at those in your organization or your immediate professional circle
  • Pay attention to the full range of high-performing talent in your organization
  • Choose someone whose strengths and development goals you understand and whose career you have been following
  • Consider ways that you might be willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to support your Sponsoree’s career e.g., introducing them to your most respected peers) – if this seems like a stretch, you might not be the right Sponsor for this person
  • Who should my sponsor be? Someone who…
    • Has a career or career path you’d like to emulate (man or woman)
    • You genuinely like and respect
    • Would benefit from your talent, hard work and/or support
  • Does it matter if my Sponsor is male or female?
    • No! The most important thing is that you like and admire this person
    • While you may feel social barriers to connecting with men, #GoSponsorHer helps create a safe space to start a close professional relationship
Tips & best practices
  • Earn your sponsorship –work hard and seek visibility
  • Start with leaders in your networkwhom you already consider a mentor
  • Prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ that outlines time commitment and what you bring to the table
  • Over time, build multiple sponsorship relationships to ensure you are being exposed to different points of view
  • Consider using #GoSponsorHer to break the ice –”I would love to participate in this with you as my sponsor, what do you think?”
Steps for launching a successful #GoSponsorHer program at your organization
  • Set goals and targets – Be specific on your goals for sponsorship and what you are trying to achieve (e.g., get more women to VP and C-suite roles; increase female retention)
  • Assign an owner/team – For example, an Executive sponsor to champion the effort and support from your communications team
  • Set the tone from the top and engage key influencers – Kick-off with C-suite level participation (ideally the CEO), and challenge company influencers to build momentum and act as role models
  • Develop a structure for continued success – For example, host a kick-off workshop and other events to help Sponsors and Sponsorees connect
  • Measure and track – Regularly track progress, and seek qualitative and quantitative feedback

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